Any process of change needs to start with listening to the community or client. This could be an informal settlement or a private individual who wants to build a house incrementally. The UBU Facilitate team serve by helping various stakeholders in the Facilitated Building process that starts with the informal settlement community.

The people who know best about the housing crisis and solutions are those who live in communities facing the lack of housing most acutely. UBU Facilitate starts a process of listening, talking, dreaming, capturing ideas and gauging the way forward for the incremental building projects and transformation of the community.

We do this through established steps that include:

  • Preparing with the community
  • Capturing of demographic data (GIS)
  • Initiating of Project Steering committees
  • Facilitating of participatory planning process
  • Establishing of a Housing Support Centre

UBU Facilitate works closely with the community from the start and draws invested partners into the process to ensure smooth progress, strengthened partnerships and excellent outcomes in terms of housing transformation. 

We are currently acting as facilitator in the Upgrade of Informal Settlements Program (UISP) project within Sweet Home Farm as part of the Professional Resource Team (PRT), sitting alongside engineer's, planners and City of Cape Town.