The benefits of this system are significant:

  • Sustainable and cost effective
  • Can be built incrementally utilising a savings scheme
  • Can be built by the future resident or any other community member
  • Warm in winter, cool in summer (when complete)
  • Bullet proof (when complete)
  • Excellent sound proofing characteristics (when complete)

We believe that such a system can be manufactured in-situ, within the community in which the houses need to be built. The steel lattice can be pressed in-situ, along with frame creating and sandbag sewing, all the key elements required to activate the technology. This will instantaneously provide opportunities for capacity building and employment.

UBU Build makes the manufacturing and actual building of the houses easy, affordable and easy to implement.

In 2014 we entered the Better Living Challenge design competition with a view to modelling the idea. Check out the video here:


The UBU Build team bring their architectural and building skills and experience into the process to ensure that the best designs, materials and plans are innovated and adhered to as building begins.

The methodology we have investigated and chosen to use at this stage is sandbag technology, utilising the eco-beam which is a composite of steel lattice and timber battens.