The challenge to build sufficient amounts of homes to meet the ever increasing demand in South Africa has led to the building industry develop more and more highly technological and specialised new building materials. This has resulted in offsite, factory (pre-fabricated) solutions, with a greater dependency on expensive machinery, removing people (and by that job opportunities) from the build process.

The alternative building system as described on this site (and designed/developed in South Africa) is sandbags utilising Eco-Beams.  While providing a high-quality home for the customer, the system is environmentally friendly and economical. It’s labour intensive and an easily teachable system that has the potential to activate many people to get building.

The system consists of the following elements:

- Manufacture of Ecobeams to form the framework of the structure.

- Erection of the framework on a conventional foundation.

- Filling the framework with purpose made Geo-fabric sandbags.

- Covering the walls with wire / fibre-glass mesh.

- Plastering or cladding the walls.

- Finishes on the structure are as per a conventional build.

The production and installation processes are very simple if managed correctly to the desired standard as specified by Agrément South Africa, the industry quality assessors for all alternative technologies. An in depth Quality Management System has been developed (in conjunction with ECO CONSTRUCTION) to keep the administration, planning, production and installation processes as simple as possible thus making quality management and Licensee support an effective and easily managed and measured process. UBU, in conjunction with Eco-Construction produces and develops the Sandbag building kits to Architect and Engineer specifications to be used by NHBRC registered and system accredited builders / construction companies to deliver construction projects.

So if you are interested in activating UBU to sew bags and design and build beams then we'd love to hear from you. If you are interested in becoming a Licensee to do all this yourself, then we'd also love to hear from you.

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