Facilitated Building

The ultimate dream, after all the talking, sharing and listening is finished, is to move into the realm of facilitated building. What we mean by this is that we believe that the experts in incremental upgrades (the community) should become activated builders. We don’t believe in setting someone up to fail, but if we start to formalise the informal journey of change then there is no reason why the community can't play a major role in the build phase of development, utilising an appropriate self-build technology. When community play a role in the physical formation of their own house they will grow in knowledge and understanding; this becomes extremely helpful over the passage of time when the time comes for the home to be maintained.

An additional facet to the idea of facilitated building is the possibility of communities becoming manufacturing hubs. If we are talking about simple, sustainable, self-build models of building then the natural progression would be to see the major components manufactured and erected on site. When units are largely manufactured in factories in far off lands, communities are kept at arm’s length when it comes to knowledge sharing and employment opportunities. This needn't be the case.

The essence of facilitated building is that the facilitation part of the process doesn’t stop. The journey of monitoring, evaluating, listening and learning continues, because the answer for today needs to keep developing before it becomes the stumbling block for tomorrow.